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Six Dance Lessons in Six Weeks

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"Adapted by Richard Alfieri from his international hit play, SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS is that rare bird: a story that gives equal weight to both the trials of growing old and the struggles of youth... It’s authentic, poignant, often quite funny...Alfieri and director Arthur Allan Seidelman open up the play without compromising the two-handed intimacy. The movie feels even more personal because of Oscar-winning cinematographer Vilmos Szigmond’s bold close-ups that highlight the beautiful Rowlands in all her lived-in glory... Rowlands and Jackson make a winning duo."
—L.A. Times

Gena Rowlands and Cheyenne Jackson are right in step in this cross-generational story... High quality players like Jacki Weaver, Julian Sands and Kathleen Rose Perkins... The heart of the film is the touching relationship between two lonely souls. The lovely, feisty chemistry between Rowlands and Jackson will keep even the most cynical viewers on their toes."
—NY Daily News

"It’s extraordinary watching the peerless Ms Rowlands wring the most out of the repartee. Ms. Rowlands can fire off a one-liners at 20 paces and she effortlessly conVeys oh-me-oh-my adorable." —N.Y. Times

"Gena Rowlands shines! Seeing this great actress draw real feelings and laughs is worth the watch!" —NY Post

"SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS” goes far beyond the fox trot! Chock full of witty one-liners! A guaranteed crowd pleaser! The movie stars ripe, lovable and legendary Gena Rowlands, one of the most ravishing octogenarians in cinema... Their surprising charisma and enormous charm adds up to a big chunk of entertainment value... What they learn from each other about diversity, tolerance and fair play goes beyond the fox trot... Gena Rowlands and Cheyenne Jackson are knockouts, dispensing small savory moments like Christmas cookies, in stylish, high-spirited turns of vigor, versatility and just the proper mix of humor and humanity...How lucky we are!" —Rex Reed, NY Observer

"Surpasses expectations...Incredibly sweet and surprisingly charming...SIX DANCE LESSONS manages to be more alluring than many of its mainstream counterparts." —Ion Cinema

"Appealing performances by the two leads... Rowlands brings a warmth and vulnerability to her performance...SIX DANCE LESSONS should be a sturdy performer in home video formats." —Hollywood Reporter

"Gena Rowlands is a pleasure to see on film again. She brings grace and the guarded echo of beauty that a long life of disappointments and loss can bring. Her journey to find acceptance of herself and others, as she opens her heart to love again, is the gem at the center of the film... Beautifully shot... The film shows that life-changing friendships can happen at any age and that pride and intolerance don’t stand a chance in the face of compassion and respect. The lesson for all of us here is to “see” people instead of merely “look” at them. We all risk creating stereotypical barriers that we can bring unconsciously to everyone we meet. But the barriers between us are created by the mind which can cloud judgment when we could learn so much more from the simple honesty of the heart if we just trust our feelings." —Huffington Post

"The poignant comedy SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS features a heartfelt acting performance by Gena Rowlands. The consummate actress, Rowlands’ performance here, while a bit daring, comes off the screen with measures both bold and compassionate... A very good script!...Director Arthur Allan Seidelman works his characters into a dither in a story of regrets and searching for understanding... Rowlands is endearing and mystifying. Its a precious performance and a memorable one!" —Beyond The Marquee

"SIX DANCE LESSONS features three fantastic senior stars! There’s far more to SIX DANCE LESSONS than box-steps and boogie. It’s about tolerance and acceptance and unexpected friendship...Rowlands, Moreno and Weaver show their comedy chops throughout... The sweet moments are exceptionally tender... A fun and thought-provoking romp!" —The Saturday Movie Review

"Gena Rowlands is luminous! A magnificent Oscar-worthy performance from one of the true screen greats. SIX DANCE LESSONS is pure joy from start to finish!" —Deadline Hollywood