The great success of the season.  This bittersweet comedy makes you laugh and also mourn for the missed opportunities in life.  AN ABSOLUTELY ENTERTAINING EVENING!

A work that we can love.

SIX DANCE LESSONS IN SIX WEEKS is ingenious, tender, and very funny.  You will feel like you want to leap onto the stage and dance with them.

A delightful comedy ... full of humor and frankness.  I was speechless.  IT IS FABULOUS!

A play which has already succeeded in many countries ... FLAWLESS! ... Lies, fights, and dissatisfactions serve as a starting point for a wealth of humor, love, and openness.  A very rich play.

Meetings and misunderstandings are served up in a succession of lively and sharp scenes ... A BITTERSWEET AND DELIGHTFUL SHOW!


One of the most entertaining evenings in the theatre.

It is a tender comedy, human, funny and impeccably elegant.  I WAS DELIGHTED.